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Level 1: Is for beginners who are interested in learning about spiritual development and practicing their own skills.

Level 2: Is for those who have taken some courses and perhaps have started doing readings whether professionally or for friends.

Level 3: Is the certified level for people who have been studying and/or are already doing psychic medium work.  

Self-led experiences: Pre-recorded training videos from Lisa for you to watch and experience at your own pace. 

Online courses: Pre-recorded training videos and live webinars with Lisa to ask her questions

Live trainings: Join Lisa in-person for her exclusive events in New York

Guest teaching opportunities: Lisa is often invited to speak and teach at conferences. While we include the information on our website, we are not responsible for event details or payment structure.

All courses must be paid in full prior to taking it. Installment plans are available for some courses with the understanding that final payment is made prior to the course. Courses paid in full all at once may receive a discount depending on course.  

All sales are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. No credits/partial credit will be given if you do not complete your course. Courses cannot be deferred. Refunds only occur if LWISSD has to cancel the course.

Beginning June 2019, all course material will remain in your student account for you to review as needed.

Each course will specify if it has homework and if and when it needs to be turned in. Certification courses will require ALL homework turned in. We understand that things come up and sometimes there might be a delay in your homework submission, just keep your teacher informed on progress.


Online course questions:

We use Zoom for our online video meetings and Uber conference calls for phone meetings.

*All meetings (dates and times) are scheduled on EST (New York), so please check to see where that falls in your time zone.

**Please ensure you set a timer or reminder for your time zone so you do not miss the event!**

Zoom Tutorial

Click on the link for the sold out event and if there is a wait list option, it will be at the top of the page.


Join Lisa in-person for her exclusive events in New York. 

Details of accommodations and travel can be found: Here

*We do not book flights or make travel arrangements. The link above offers suggestions and we ask you to look at reviews to determine if it is a good fit for you.


Lisa is often invited to speak and teach at conferences around the world. While we include this information on website, we are not responsible for event details or payment structure. All questions need to be asked of the host.


Psychic and Medium Certifications last 5 years.

Master Teacher Certifications last 10 years.

Thereafter, there is a recertification process.

There are many factors that go into certification and not all happen during the actual course. Test readings and taking an ethics exam. We try and get results to you within a week of the finality of the requirements. *The global Mediumship Mastery course takes longer as we have students around the world and we try and deliver the results in unison. 

You have up to three months to sit for initial testing. 

Most courses require 2 test readings. It is not unusual for your teacher to require more or less readings.

If I don’t pass the first time, can I retest?
If you didn't pass on your first testing, you have the following options: 2nd test within three months free, 3rd test within six months $150. Thereafter it will require retaking the course.
Note: Many people don't pass their certifications here or other programs the first time, keep practicing!


You will have to meet all course requirements of attending the full workshop, turning in associated homework, passing an ethics exam, and passing test readings assigned.

You will have to meet course requirements of attending the full workshop and turning in associated homework. *Certificate of completions are only for certified courses.

Once you have been certified through a LWISSD course, you will be sent details on the directory submission. All directory inquiry should be to: 

[email protected] 


To see pricing and schedule a reading with Lisa, CLICK HERE.

To schedule a reading with one of Lisa’s Certified Spiritual Advisors, CLICK HERE to see the Directory. 


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